Our Culture

We prefer to do things a bit differently in here.

We believe in


Transfer of Knowledge

Knowledge empowers all of us to make better decisions and to feel more confident in taking matters forward. Facilitating an open space where talents from all walks of life can learn from each other is what drives our ideas.

We like to encourage learning and training as it is critical in respect to our thriving knowledge economy in order to positively effect and direct our cooperative culture based on trust and innovation.


the Conventional

Curiosity is the gateway to learning. Thinking differently is our key to success.

We don’t like normal, we prefer to create new rules for the game and redefine the statusque by challenging conventional thinking.

And that’s is why, we hire creative and agile leaders.

Equal Opportunities

A workplace that celebrates diversity. We believe in merit not titles.

We’re devoted to promoting both women and men regardless of gender and background to advance in their careers.

Here at Tarabut Gateway, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are the key main drivers of organizational effectiveness and that’s why we value the difference that a diverse workforce brings.