Account Aggregation

Through a universal API, your customers will be able to access data from all their accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages across all retail banks from only one platform.

One platform,

many different applications

National Bank of Bahrain

Strengthening Relationships With Customers

The average individual in Bahrain has around 3-4 accounts scattered across different banks. The underlying problem is that there is no single view across all customers assets and liabilities. Cash sits in accounts across various banking relationships with no optimization of overall relationship. So, for the first time ever in the MENA region NBB’s customers are now offered with a simple and easy-to-use tool to aggregate all their financial information.

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Bahrain Islamic Bank 

Revamping The Customer Experience

As part of its efforts to revamp the existing digital customer experience and simplify money matters , Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has upgraded its existing digital services by partnering up with Tarabut Gateway to roll out Account Aggregation solutions. As banking today is still too complex;  launching this service opens the door to a brand new way of banking where customers have an unparalleled level of transparency

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Credit Libanais 

Bahrain: The Perfect Testing Ground for Open Banking 

Credit Libanais has strategically chosen Bahrain as a ‘pilot market’ to test its Account Aggregation tool due to its favorable market conditions for Open Banking, such as Bahrain’s young population, high digital literacy rate and progressive regulatory landscape. The operations manager of Credit Libanais in Bahrain, Mr. Wael Ghazale stated “We’re proud in taking this step forward by placing our customers first and center.”

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