Account Information

Real-time access to an array of financial data such as accounts, transactions and balances via Open Banking APIs


We’re here for you. Get access to a growing network of regional banks across the MENA region. Our agnostic platform has been designed to help you overcome regulatory complexities!


You name it, we got it! Access real-time & refreshed financial data such as accounts, balances and transactions across varied account types such as deposits, savings, credit, debit card and loans.

& Compliant

We take security very seriously! Customer authentication is done through the banks application itself and we only access user consented data. Our processes are end-to-end encrypted with modern ciphers.


Gain more meaningful insights with enhanced and categorized historical transaction data.

How It Works

Step 1: Select Bank

User selects the bank they would like to connect on your platform

Step 2: Authenticate with Bank

User authenticates and authorizes on their banking application to allow TG to fetch their data

Step 3: Hooray! Data is retrieved

Account is connected. TG collects financial data in real time to help with your business needs.
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Use Cases

Personal Finance

Leverage aggregated bank data to allow users to manage their finances, and save money all in one-platform.

Fraud Checks

Regular monitoring and analysis of transactional data can help you detect fraud.

Business Finances

Reduce administrative overheads & improve your user experience with readily available financial data. Use-cases include account validation, balance verification, book-keeping & expense management.


Use account and transactional data to automate the process and make more informed lending and credit decisions.

Build with Us

This one’s for the developers!
					curl --location --request POST '' \
header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
header 'X-TG-CustomerUserId: <customer_user_id>' \
data-raw '{
"client_id": "<your_client_id>",
 "client_secret": "<your client secret>",
 "grant_type": "client_credentials"

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