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Enable Open Banking

Build an open API infrastructure

Leverage Open Banking

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Enabling Open Banking

Open Banking developments in the MENA region has led banks & financial institutions, to now offer open APIs, whether from a regulatory or commercial drive.

TG’s Open Banking compliance platform supports banks and financial institutions with complying with PSD2 and the standards & regulations set in various jurisdictions in the MENA, conformance testing, light touch integrations, TPP management and, also enable banks to strategize and monetize on the opportunities that Open Banking brings to the financial sector.

Through using TG’s platform, banks can now enable an open API infrastructure.

Leveraging Open Banking

Just exposing a public API infrastructure doesn’t provide banks the opportunity to monetize or create meaningful customer experiences.

Here is where Account Information and Payment Initiation use cases come in to play! Banks can now create meaningful experiences that allow customers to manage their finances in a better way and save time and money!

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