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We’re looking for passionate and talented people who want to move ahead, influence and drive change.

We'd love to have you join the TG team!

We'd love to have you join the TG team!

In 2018, we built a platform to redefine the future of financial services.
We worked day and night to develop a sophisticated solution that transforms MENA’s financial sector and since then we have made tremendous progress in our journey of achieving this dream.







We believe in

Transfer of Knowledge

Knowledge empowers all of us to make better decisions and to fell more confident in taking matters forward. Facilitating an open space where talents from all walks of life can learn from each other is what drives our ideas.

the Conventional

Curiosity is the gateway to learning. Thinking differently is our key to success.
We don’t like normal, we prefer to create new rules for the game and redefine the statuesque by challenging conventional thinking.

Equal Opportunities

A workplace that celebrates diversity. We believe in merit not titles.
We’re devoted to promoting both women and men regardless of gender and background to advance in their careers.

About TG

Tarabut Gateway is MENA’s first and largest regulated Open Banking platform that connects a regional network of banks and FinTechs via a universal applications programming interface (API). 

By offering the tools that would allow the facilitation and distribution of personalized financial services, Tarabut Gateway allows banks and FinTechs to build the future of financial services across MENA.

About TG

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

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