Open Banking Compliance ​

A turn-key Open Banking solution that allows financial institutions to reap the immediate benefits of Open Banking.

Strong Customer Authentication

Security is a critical component of Open Banking which requires extensive security measures to be in place. The platform enables SCA in line with the Open Banking standards.


Provide access to third parties with customer consent. This platform’s consent management modules provides a dashboard that allows customers to grant, manage and revoke consents. Multiple consent types are supported.

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Open Banking API

Utilize a range of required Open Banking compliant APIs, which will be delivered to allow users to grant and revoke access to third parties for account information and payment initiation.

Third Party Onboarding

The platform provides a thorough but user-friendly verification process for third-parties onboarding. The dynamic client registration process is also supported through API while the developer portal can be customized as per Bank branding guidelines.

Regulatory Reporting

The platform enables banks to comply with regulatory reporting requirements for Open Banking based on the API invocations. Third-party provider adoption statistics and performance statistics of the Open Banking solution are generated by the platform.

How It Works

Enable effortless and low cost payments from within your app

Step 1: Light touch integration 

A light-touch integration with your middleware or API gateway that will you set you on your jorurney to become Open Banking compliant 

Step 2: Software Development Kit (SDK) 

An easy to implement kit that will allow users to grant, review, revoke their consent.

Step 3: Hooray! You're Open Banking compliant 

Once testing is done, you’ll be fully compliant with PSD2, UK Open Banking standards, Berlin standards and Bahrain Open Banking Framework (BOBF)

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Developers - Testing Sandbox

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Use Cases

Leverage Financial Data

Use financial data to your advantage to provide with customers with compelling experiences 

Monetize your

Profit from open banking opportunities and monetize your premium APIs  

with FinTechs 

Allow FinTechs to build and test your solutions by providing them access to your develop portal and environment 

Launch new
business use cases 

Revamp your customer experience and enhance your offerings 

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This one’s for the developers!
					curl --location --request POST '' \
header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
header 'X-TG-CustomerUserId: <customer_user_id>' \
data-raw '{
"client_id": "<your_client_id>",
 "client_secret": "<your client secret>",
 "grant_type": "client_credentials"

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