Revamping the Customer Experience

As part of Bahrain Islamic Bank’s (BisB) efforts of supporting the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey, BisB launched its account aggregation services in collaboration with Tarabut Gateway to simplify customers’ daily banking experiences through a revamped experience.

Over the past few years, BisB has not only focused on digital transformation but also worked on enhancing its online customer experience and elevating the standards of banking within the Kingdom.

While qualities such as trust, reputation, experience, and size have traditionally been the benchmarks through which consumers choose financial institutions- the tides of banking are changing. The evolution of technology has altered user priorities and increased the importance of customer experience in banking, as it has in many other industries

Thus, to better engage with customers, BisB integrated the account aggregation feature seamlessly within their mobile application. Giving the customer the ease of switching between a “BISB view” that contains transactional information related to BisB accounts only versus an “All banks’ view” that allows users to access information from all of their bank accounts across Bahrain.

In a bid to stay ahead of the current market trends, BisB in collaboration with Tarabut Gateway rolled out a multi-banking experience that sets new standards for innovative digital solutions and allows customers to manage all their money matters.

The Chief Executive Officer of BisB, Mr. Hassan Amin Jarrar, said “Our simplification strategy focuses on delivering on our promise – to simplify our customers’ money matters, through offering a comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions and partnering up with other entities in the banking sector in order to launch digital innovations. This comes as part of our continuous efforts towards driving digitization in the industry and elevating the standards of banking in the Kingdom” 

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