What is it like to intern at TG?


We sat down with our latest joiner Dania Malhas to ask her a couple of questions about her time at Tarabut Gateway and to share with you all the insights about what it’s like to intern with us

  •    When did your interest in a career in  FinTech began?  

To be completely honest, I never thought I would enter this space. With an academic background in business and an insanely huge passion for all things health and wellness, I landed my first job at a globally reputable fitness company. Two years and a global pandemic later, I found myself reading up on financial technology and its promising future – especially to the region. Next thing I knew, I was sat behind my computer screen prepping for my very first virtual interview— with TG.   

The interview started and was over before I knew it. The process was so smooth in that I was really encouraged to speak about myself… and really dive into the details. Safe to say the stage was truly set to really be me, rather than what employers want me to be

  •     How are you finding your time at TG  so far?  

This is an easy one! I have been loving it. Everyday I am hungry and inspired to learn more. It has only been a few months and I feel like I am climbing a never ending educational ladder –it’s very exciting. 

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to rotate between departments. Not only did I enjoy working with members across departments, it allowed to really get to know so many of my colleagues! 

From an educational standpoint, the rotation of departments has been extremely valuable. It has given me the time and opportunity to welcome this new field into my professional career whilst also absorbing the fundamentals of running a business – most importantly, a tech start up

  • What are your thoughts on TG’s remote first working policy, how has the virtual experience been for you? 

  As I mentioned earlier – I feel like my rotational opportunity has allowed me to feel welcome to the team. I do look forward to the days I can meet the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with and alongside with – but happy to say that I am able to feel a sense of connectedness, like mindedness, passion and motivation. Every one of us want to see TG succeed. Everyone wants to support one another. Everyone wants to learn. Strangely something you can just sense – even virtually!


  • Tell us about a challenging time or task that you handled   

Reaching out to members of a department I have never met before and having to introduce myself and ask them for support on something I am a complete novice to. Not only was it difficult to find the words or context to approach them, it was difficult to break down and understand their responses on my own – even after they tried explaining. A challenge for me that I am slowly working towards improving… how? Simply by asking more and more questions while reminding myself that none of them are stupid. Why? Because I know that at TG, there is no such thing as a stupid question   

  • What are the top 3 things you like best about your time at TG ? 

1- Working alongside and learning from colleagues from different backgrounds and layers of experience has been the best thing for me!  

2- With this being my first remote work experience, I have really valued TG’s top level organizational efforts to ensure everyone is communicated with clearly. I feel very motivated to progress with TG and help achieve all tasks and goals.  

3- Company Town Hall calls! I really enjoy connecting with the wider team – we go through many activities and learn lots of interesting things about each other. It’s refreshing!  

  •    What are your 2 cents for others interested in joining TG?  

You will sense thrills and excitement. But hold tight – we’re aiming for the deep dive! 


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